Meet Your Co-Hosts:

Sharon Ann Wikoff & Jyude Allbright

Sharon Ann WikoffSharon Ann Wikoff was born into a family living in the “Field of Addiction:” Now, decades later, having found the “Field of Freedom” and living from there she is passionate to share all that she has learned on her journey with Parents who deeply want newness in their life…and are passionate for that “New Beginning” for themselves and their family.

Sharon has created and produced a variety of classes, teleclasses and webinars inspiring living by Choice not Chance.  At KGGV Radio in Guerneville, California, she produced and hosted The Family Hour and Kids Hour. Her column Listening 2 Children appeared in the West County Gazette for several years.  Today she hosts the weekly radio program, Voice of Change.  Sharon is a Universal Life Minister, EFT Practitioner, and credentialed in the field of Parent Education: Child Study.  Over the last 10 years Sharon has had remembrances of living life as an infant and young child in the home where addiction flourished. These remembrances have inspired her to work with Parents who deeply desire a “New Beginning”.  She has written several eBooks for Parents.  Please visit for her offerings.


Jyude AllbrightJyude Allbright has recovered from her own personal darkness with addictions. Now, living in the Light, she feels empowered & compelled to share her wisdom with the recovery community and others wishing to release their addictive behaviors, increase their consciousness and live in bliss.  How does it get any better than this? 

As the founder of Being Recovered, an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Prevention Professional, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, spiritual messenger and teacher, Jyude Allbright’s priority is to spread consciousness to those ready to accept it.

Jyude asks you to consider the 1930’s time period in history, its energy.  It was a time of struggle with the Great Depression, women were expected to stick to their traditional roles in the home and family, they had just recently in the 1920’s been given the right to vote through the 19th amendment, and men were definitely in charge & control. Alcoholics Anonymous was born during this tumultuous time, with this limiting energy.

What if there were another way of reaching recovery…the next 12 steps with 21st century consciousness & energy?  Jyude has been given those steps in her book, Soul Steps, with its first step stating, “We admitted we were powerful beings, that we created our addictions so our lives appeared to be unmanageable.”  Her intention is to spread these steps as support groups throughout the globe.  Jyude welcomes anyone and everyone who is willing to assist in this ultimate blossoming.  Please contact her through


Our Gift to You

parentingmadesimpleParenting Made Simple ebook was a jointly written by Sharon Ann Wikoff & Jyude Allbright. Are you willing to accept that you are the determining factor in the choices your child makes?  Are you aware that you are constantly conveying your thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires to your children by your behaviors, spoken and unspoken?  Doesn’t that put a whole new perspective on the idea of “role model?”

In this simple ebook, you will discover that everything is energy.  Your thoughts scream out at those around you – they vibrate who you think you are by your actions.  Those actions speak loudly and clearly to your children.  And, your children innately want to please you, want to be like you!  Discover how to end judgment, release your past, understand the mirroring effect, how to set an intention, and expect the best.  Happy parenting! 

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